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How well do you know the University of Maryland? Find out with this quiz. (Hint: You can find the answers throughout this Visitor Guide.)
You can see the answers here.

1. Track this truck down for delicious and sustainable dining on wheels.

2. Stop into this nondenominational facility for a prayer of a chance on your toughest final.

3. Students get hands-on training in caring for sheep, cattle, poultry and horses at this facility that harkens back to UMD’s land grant roots as the Maryland Agricultural College.

4. This historic field house will soon house programs in academics and entrepreneurship, research in sports medicine and public health, and football operations and practice fields.

5. Mealtime can be almost anytime, thanks to this new feature at UMD dining halls.

6. Here’s where you start your visit at UMD.

7. Our newest residence hall houses 462 students and earned a LEED Gold certification as a green building for its many energy-saving features.

8. Learn to break a big news story here—one of UMD’s 12 schools and colleges.

9. This hot major’s concentrations include fire protection and aerospace.

10. This center is the home of theater and dance at UMD.

11. For good luck, rub this iconic reptile’s nose.

12. McKeldin Mall’s cascading fountain is named after a national university leadership society that goes by these three Greek letters.

13. This iconic frog, featured in a sculpture outside Stamp Student Union, is the most famous creation of UMD alum and Muppets man Jim Henson.

14. The Terps football team faces off against its opponents here in the fall, while the perennial national contending men’s lacrosse team takes the field here in the spring.

15. This fearless group of folks now numbers nearly 350,000.

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